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Suicide Prevention Products
Submitting Artwork

How to Send Us Your Artwork

1. Computer File(s) on disk, 3.5 Floppy, 100mb Zip, or CD Rom; PC format only!
2. Computer Files(s) attached to e-mail (small file sizes only).
3. Fax clean clear black & white drawings.

Preferred File Types

For routing and laser cutting For all others they can include the previous plus

AutoCad Dxf, Dwg, HPGL CorelDraw versions 4-10 .cdr or .cmx

Adobe Illustrator version 3 .ai or eps (vector only)

1. All Artwork must be Vector with NO PLACED BITMAPS.

2. All fonts must be converted to curves/shapes/artwork. Programs let you convert your type to outlines or curves, this eliminates the need to include your fonts when sending your drawings. This also ensures that your layout is produced exactly the way you want it to look.

If you cannot submit artwork on disk:

Send Black & White, clean camera ready artwork no bigger than 8"x10" and no smaller than 4"x4" along with a color printout indicating PMS colors and layout, preferably to scale (for raster). Send a good drafted drawing indicating all dimensions ( for vector).

Exceptions for large format digital printing

For signage that requires the printing of photos or graphics.

We can accept the following types, but prefer vector files and or high resolution TIFF files:

Adobe Illustrator version 3 .ai or .eps

Adobe PhotoShop version 5 .psd or .eps

CorelDraw version 4-10 .cdr or .cmx

JPEG file .jpg

Tiff file .tif

1. Please include a separate file for any and all placed bitmaps

2. In order to ensure that all fonts are correct, please convert them to curves/shapes/artwork.

3. Vector files offer greater image quality when enlarging with less degradation.

A Note on resolution:

All bitmap images should be scanned so that their AT FULL SIZE resolution is at least 150 dpi.

Remember, the better the quality of the files you provide, the better the quality of the finished product.

Please do not send files that have software compression applied to them. Images from web pages will not work for these kinds of prints.

You may also call us @ (757) 622-9281 or Toll-Free @ 1 (800) 826-0758
Suicide Prevention DoorSuicide Prevention Door
Developed for Patient Human Rights surveyors to provide additional privacy.
Suicide Prevention Sink Faucet Suicide Prevention Sink Faucet
Self-closing, push-button, metered faucets water, and money.
Suicide Prevention Shower Control HandlesSuicide Prevention Shower Control Handles
Control knob is recessed, no hanging points.
Suicide Prevention Soap DispenserSuicide Prevention Soap Dispenser
Secured to the wall is virtually indestructible – Safe for the Patients
Sentinel Event Reduction DoorSentinel Event Reduction Door
the first recognized
and patented door designed with safety features to prevent inpatient suicides.

Suicide Resistant Toilet Paper DispenserSuicide Resistant Toilet Paper Dispenser
One piece- impact resistant Solid Surface Material.
Life Safety Lexan Covers Life Safety Lexan Covers High-impact polycarbonate
Withstand major abuse (field tested for over 7 years)

Impact Resistant Polycarbonate Light Lenses and MirrorsImpact Resistant Polycarbonate Light Lenses and Mirrors
We can fabricate any size.
Hospital Pharmacy Drug Return Drop BoxHospital Pharmacy Drug Return Drop Box
Made of Polycarbonate - unbreakable.
Suicide Prevention Door Handles, Patient DoorsSuicide Prevention Door Handles, Patient Doors
Suicide Resistant, no hanging points.
ABS High-Impact Plumbing CoversABS High-Impact Plumbing Covers
Toilet and underneath sink plumbing covers.
Suicide Resistant Sink/ Vanity Combo Unit
Suicide Resistant Sink/ Vanity Combo Unit

LEED product, meets Federal standards.
ADA Compliant Grab BarsADA Compliant Grab Bars
For Healthcare and Correctional Facilities or Retrofit Applications
Polycarbonate Two-way MRI Warning DoorsPolycarbonate Two-way MRI Warning Doors
Doors move both directions for easy movement of patients
Precision Board - High Density UrethanePrecision Board - High Density Urethane
Sizes: ½”, ¾”, 1”, 1.5”, 2”, 3” - Densities: 15, 18 & 30 lbs
Krinkglas, Acrylite FF
Acrylite GP, Acrylite Plus
Acrylite AR
Acrylite Rod
Acrylite Sheet
Acrylite Tubing
Marine and Signage Marine and Signage
Woodgrain Panel
Burl Plastic Panel
Stone and Marble
Color Cores
Type 1
CPVC Vintec
Celtec Expanded
Celtec 700
Cast Nylon
Low Density,
High Density,
Cutting Board,
General Info,
Available Grades
PVC Vinyl Strip PVC Vinyl Strip
Fabrication Info, Phenolic Selection Chart, Canvas C-CE, G10-FR4, G11-FR5, GPO-1, GPO-3, Paper X-XX-XXX, Linen L-LE, G5-G9, G7, Counter plate Laminate, Static Dissipate Laminate, Ballistic-Resistant Laminate
Additional Products Additional Products
Corian, Delrin, Polypropylene, Teflon, UHMW, Hydlar, ABS, Starboard, Flexible Tubing, Coraplast, Kytec, LUMAsite, Machinable Boards, Lexan Life Safety Products, Sentinel Event Reduction Doors
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