ULTRATEC® is a truly unique product that meets tough criteria for products in overcoming harsh environments-exceptional abrasion resistance, corrosion and impact resistant, low friction coefficient, repels water, eliminates sparks, reduces noise and is chemically inert. ULTRATEC® comes in a wide range of sheets, plates, boards, custom shaped fabrications, profiles, rods, bars and tubing. ULTRATEC® is available in a wide selection of colors and thicknesses. Manufactured to exacting specifications, ULTRATEC® meets or exceeds the specifications set forth by ASTM D-4020-81 for ultra- high molecular weight polyethylene.

ULTRATEC® has a wide range of unique properties to meet harsh environment demands including abrasion, corrosion, impact, water-absorption and resistance to acids
and alkalines.

• Chain Guides
• Bearings
• Hopper, Bin & Chute Liners
• Bucket Elevator Guides
• Wear Plates
• Screen Bars
• Breaker Plates
• Vibration Trays
• Deflector Plates
• Vibrating Separators
• Doctor Blades
• Guillotine Punch Plates
• Nonspark Safety Tools
• Sandblasting Shields
• Pump Impellers & Housing
• Packing Glands
• Cam Rollers & Guides
• Noise Reduction Gears & Liners
• Non-lubricating Bearings
• Construction Equipment and Wear pads

Industries Served
Virtually any industry where abrasion, corrosion, or impact resistance is a requirement.

• Construction & Mining Industries
• Metal Processing
• Transportation
• Chemicals
• Food & Beverage Industries
• Textiles
• Pulp & Paper Industries
• Equipment Manufacturers
• Agriculture
• Food Production

Exceptionally High Abrasion Resistance
Case-histories have proven the superior wearability of ULTRATEC® compared to steel and its unique ability to resist extreme sliding abrasion.

High Impact Resistance One of the unique properties of the product is to maintain its impact resistance even at extreme temperatures and will even harden with repeated abuse.

Slippery The product has a low coefficient of friction providing a smooth, consistent flow of materials even in freezing conditions.

Lubricity The ability of the material to work exceptionally well without the introduction ofprocessing industry.

Inert High resistance to most alkalis, acids and industrial chemicals even at high temperatures. Will not rust.

Repels Water ULTRATEC®. will not absorb water making it particularly useful in preventing materials from freezing.

Easily Cleaned The non-stick nature of the material allows easy cleaning and helps prevent material from bridging or “rat-holing.”

Electrical Properties The material has good electrical properties and eliminates spark hazards compared to metal products.

FDA/USDA Approved Odor and taste free, non-corrosive and inert, ULTRATEC® meets government requirements for direct food contact.

Reduces Noise When used in noisy environments, tests have shown a significant drop in the decibel level.

Lightweight Compared to steel, ULTRATEC® is 1/7 to 1/9 the weight of the same amount of steel to do the same job.

Economical Compared to plate or stainless steel, ULTRATEC® is significantly less expensive and due to its lightweight nature is easy to install, allows easy
retrofitting and its low cost allows protective linings to be added to new installations and greatly extend wear life.

Design Features Thanks to its lightweight and easy handling, ULTRATEC® is an ideal material for retrofitting projects.  The product can be cut shaped, drilled, turned, tapped and machined “Right-On-Site” using ordinary wood-working tools.  ULTRATEC® can even be pop riveted over old materials.

• Design Freedom • Range of Colors
• Lightweight • Maintenance Free
• Easily Handed • Light Stability
• Dimension Stability • Easily Cleaned

Product Specifications and 
Standard Profiles

Standard Colors
White Gray Black
Green Blue Red
Yellow Orange

Physicial Properties and Mechanical Properties
Property Test Method



Specific gravity ASTM D 742 g/cm3 0.94
Yield strength at 73°F ASTM D 638 psi 3130
Ultimate tensile strength at 73°F ASTM D 638 psi 6800
Break elongation at 73°F ASTM D 638 % 450
Yield strength at 250°F Stress strain diagram psi 700
Ultimate tensile strength at 250°F Stress strain diagram psi 3300
Break elongation at 250°F Stress strain diagram % 900
Izod impact strength ASTM D 256 f.p.i.n. No break
Izod impact modulus Modified double V-notched specimens f.p.i.n. >21(1)
Bend creep modulus Bend creep test (1 min. value) psi 112,400
Rockwell hardness “R” ASTM D 785 64
Shore hardness “D” ASTM D 2240 67
Water absorption ASTM D 570 NIL

(1) Specimens did not fail- they tore approximately half way through and this permitted the pendulum to swing by the specimen.

Thermal Properties 


Test Method



Crystalline melting range Polarization microscope °F 275-290
Thermal stability under load (66 psi) ASTM D 648 °F 203
Mean coefficient of linear thermal expansion
between +20°C and 100°C
Leitz dilatometer °C-1 approx. 2×10-4
Two plate method BTU in/ft2
Specific heat at 68°F Calorimeter BTU/lb 0.99


Electrical Properties 
Test Method
Dielectric constant ASTM D 150 2.3
Dielectric loss factor tan in the frequency range 50 cps to 105 cps ASTM D 150 <2.0×10-4
Volume resistivity ASTM D 257 Ohm/cm >1013
ASTM D 257 Ohm >1013
Dielectric strength ASTM D 149 KV/cm 900
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