Norva Plastics carries a large selection of Suicide Prevention products to bathroom related items.

Covid19, PPE Medical Supplies

Sink faucets – Self-closing, push-button, metered faucets saving water and money
Shower control handles – Control knob is recessed, no hanging points
Soap dispensers – Secured to the wall is virtually indestructible, safe for patients

Toilet paper dispensers – One piece impact resistant solid surface material
ABS high-impact plumbing covers – Toilet and underneath sink plumbing covers
Vanity sink combo units – LEED product meets federal standards

Suicide prevention doors – Developed for Patient Human Rights surveyors to provide additional privacy.
Suicide Prevention Door Handles, Patient Doors – Suicide Resistant, no hanging points.
Sentinel Event Reduction Door – The first recognized and patented door designed with safety features to prevent inpatient suicides.

Impact Resistant Polycarbonate Light Lenses and Mirrors – We can fabricate any size.
Life Safety Lexan Covers (High impact polycarbonate) – Withstand major abuse (field-tested for over 7 years)

Polycarbonate Two-way MRI Warning Doors – Doors move both directions for easy movement of patients
Hospital Pharmacy Drug Return DropBox – Made of Polycarbonate – unbreakable

Suicide prevention products
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