Kydex® 160 Class I/A Rated Thermoplastic Sheet

Kydex® 160 Class I/A Rated Thermoplastic Sheet – Kydex 160 is a proprietary acrylic/PVC thermoplastic sheet that is used for laminating and thermoforming applications requiring a Class I/A rating. Unlike many other thermoplastics, Kydex 160 is less hygroscopic and frequently does not require pre-drying. Kydex 160 meets Class I/A building code ratings up to 0.125″ (3.12mm) and is UL listed up to 0.080″ (2.03mm).

Kydex 160 sheet can be used in both flat sheet and thermoformed sheet applications such as:
• Interior Ductwork and Chutes
• Laboratory Hoods
• Shower / Tub Shrouds
• Acoustical Applications
• Decorative Ceilings
• Abuse Resistant Surfacing for Counters, Exhibits, Partitions, Doors, etc.

• Kydex 160 is available in 6 standard gauges from 0.028″ to 0.125″ (.71-3.12mm), nine textures, a large variety of colors – including custom color matching, custom blank sizes, and very low minimums.
• Kydex 160 sheet is more resistant to a wider range of concentrated chemicals than any other thermoplastic. Its superior chemical resistance allows for excellent cleanability because stronger cleaning agents can be used with no discoloration or surface damage to the material.
• Kydex 160 is not available for field applied wallcovering applications. Please contact Kleerdex Company Customer Service with your requirements.

Kydex 160 has good formability and extensibility and is extremely easy to work with once formed.

Specific Gravity ASTM D-792 1.35-1.45
Tensile Strength, psi (MPa) ASTM D-638 5800 (40)
Elongation, % 70
Flexural Strength, psi (MPa) ASTM D-790 10,500 (72)
Modulus / Elasticity, psi (MPa) 370,000 (2557)
Rockwell Hardness, R ASTM D-785 97
Notched Izod Impact Resistance, 73°F (23°C),ft-lbs/in (J/m) ASTM D-256 2.0 – 4.0 (107-214)
Heat Deflection Temperature, HDT, @264psi (1.8MPa), annealed,°F (°C) ASTM D-648 160° (71°)
Flammability Properties: Flame Spread ASTM E-84 20
Flammability Properties: Smoke Developed <0.080″
Flammability Properties: Flame Spread 20
Flammability Properties: Smoke Developed <0.125″
Thermoforming Range, °F (°C) 325 – 390°
(163 – 200°)
Mold Shrinkage, % 0.4 – 0.6
1All values based on 0.125″ (3.12mm) sheet unless otherwise specified.
2Not intended for specification purposes.
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