Kydex® General Information

KYDEX sheet is an extremely durable acrylic/PVC alloy extruded in a range of colors, patterns, textures, thicknesses, and grades to optimize long-term performance, appearance, and cost effectiveness across demanding and diverse end-use applications. Specialized grades are offered to satisfy requirements specific to thermoforming, membrane pressing, post-forming, brake-forming, and laminating-and to fit a broad range of specialized applications, ranging from medical equipment housings and aircraft tray tables to retail store fixtures and trade show displays.

Impact Resistance
No other thermoplastic sheet stands up to impact, scratches, and gouging like KYDEX sheet. Depending on grade, it offers notched Izod Impact resistance to 18 ft. lbs./in. (953 J/m), and is available in thicknesses from .028 to .500 inch (0.71mm to 12.7mm) to withstand levels of abuse from moderate to extreme. Due to its high degree of toughness and resilience, KYDEX sheet can also be stretched at room temperature to twice its original dimension without breaking.

Flame Retardancy
Depending on grade, KYDEX sheet is available with fire ratings of UL 94 V-0 and 5V, FAR 25.853 (a) and (d), MVSS 302, and Class I/A.

Chemical Resistance
Sulfuric acid to brake fluid to carbon tetrachloride, high performance grades of KYDEX acrylic PVC alloys are more resistant to a wider range of concentrated chemicals than any other thermoplastic. In fact, KYDEX sheet meets the highest standards of chemical resistance for thermoplastic materials as defined in ASTM D-1784 standard for Class 12454-C rigid polyvinyl chloride.

Dimensional Stability
Low water absorption and a relatively low coefficient of thermal expansion give parts made of or with KYDEX sheet high dimensional stability.

Tough stains, scuffs, and graffiti can be removed from KYDEX surfaces using strong cleansers with no staining, fading, or surface damage.

Design Freedom
KYDEX sheet offers unprecedented design and manufacturing flexibility since:
• Numerous grades are available to provide properties and certified ratings required for specialized applications.
• An uncommonly wide variety of functional and aesthetic effects can be achieved since certain individual grades can be manufactured using a variety of techniques.
• Many colors, patterns, textures, and thicknesses are common to grades intended for specific manufacturing methods allowing multi-component end products to contain a wide variety of matching parts.

• Aircraft Interiors
• Buildings Products
• Clean Rooms
• Consumer Products
• Electronic Products
• Equipment Housings
• Food Equipment
• Mass Transit Interiors
• Medical Products
• Signage

Kydex is available in 34 standard colors:

Chocolate 720210
Pastel Blue 42031
Cabernet 12038
Orange 22031
Bordeaux 12036
Cocoa 72047
Misty Mauve 72178
Kalkutta Schwarz 52000
Black 52114
Polar White 62000
Angora 72174
Sandy Beach 72179
Day Break 72177
Snow Flake 62029
Monterey 62033
Ivory 62015
Red 12000
Rooster Red 12037
Beige 72005
Treasure Chest 32059
Amethyst 42111
Mystic Green 32060
Peacock Blue 42108
Thunder 42109
Twilight 42110
Canyon Blue 42107
Cadet Blue 42000
Buoyant Blue 42112
Parchment 72000
Pinstripe 52070
Dark Gray 52002
Pewter Gray 52001
Rouge 72175
Rosestone 82101
Red/Black 82102
Green 82301
Navy 82401
Black 82503
Cap on Snowflake 62029
Cap on Pastel Blue 42031
Cap on Treasure Chest 32059
Cap on Beige 72005
Cap on Pewter Gray 52001


Kydex is available in 10 different textures. Note, that some textures are not available for curtain grades of Kydex. Table 1 lists availability for given textures.

P-1 Haircell
P-3 Velour Matte
P-7 Stipple
P-8 Suede
P-H Seville
P-C Level Haircell
P-E Smooth
P-F Levant
P-G Contour
P-A Smooth

Table1: Availability of textures for grades

Grade All Textures All Textures Except P-A Selected Textures
Kydex 100 x
Kydex T x
Kydex 200 x
Kydex V x
Vinyloy 100 x
Vinyloy 102 x
Kydex 510 x
Kydex 550 x
Kydex 101 x
Kydex 150 x
Kydex 160 x
Kydex 130 x
Kydex L x
Kydex 115 x
Kydex 6200 x
Kydex 6565 x
Kydex 1900 x
Kydex 6185 x
Kydex 100AS x
Kydex GND x
Kydex CL

Kydex CL2
Kydex 107 x
Kydex 120 x
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