Phenolic Ballistic Resistant Laminate

Phenolic Ballistic Resistant Laminate – BRASS™ is the first choice in bullet-resistant fiberglass laminate. Lighter than steel, ricochet-resistant, and readily machined with ordinary hand-tools, Micarta BRASS is the ideal reinforcing substrate for your bullet-resistant architectural and building projects.

Utilizing a unique design and manufacturing process, a Class 1-A fire-rated projectile-resistant building material is now commercially available. BRASS can be used in commercial and government structures, where increased ballistic protection is desired, while complying with numerous federal and state flame and smoke protection regulations. BRASS provides far greater security and protection in walls, doors, counters, or other applications, as compared to polyester-based ballistic laminates.

• Government & public buildings
• Bank teller stations & ATMs
• Courtrooms & judges’ benches
• Postal facilities
• Corporate offices
• Convenience stores
• Gas stations
• Hotel lobbies
• Ballistic-resistant doors
• Armored vehicles

• Class 1-A fire/smoke-rated building material (ASTM E84)
• UL-Listed
• Certified to NIJ-STD-0108.01
• High-strength
• Lightweight
• Ricochet-resistant
• Easy installation using conventional hand-tools
• Meets FAA and Federal Aviation Regulation 25.853 for commercial aircraft compartment interiors


Product UL-752

Level Standard

NIJ 0108.01Performance
Level Standard
Ballistic Requirements Nominal
Weapon Weight Designation Speed
BRASS 01 Level 1 9mm 124 gr lead FMJ 1175 ft/sec 1/4″
BRASS 02 Level 2 .357 mag 158 gr lead JSP 1250 ft/sec 11/32″
Type IIA .357 mag9mm 158 gr lead124 gr lead JSP / FMJ 1250 ft/sec1090 ft/sec 11/32″
BRASS 03 Level 3 .44 mag 240 gr lead SWC/GC 1350 ft/sec 7/16″
Type II .357 mag9mm 158 gr lead124 gr lead JSP / FMJ 1395 ft/sec1175 ft/sec 7/16″
Type IIIA .44 mag9mm 240 gr lead124 gr lead SWC/GC


1400 ft/sec1400 ft/sec 7/16″
BRASS 04 Level 4 .30 cal 180 gr lead LSP 2540 ft/sec 1 3/16″
Level 5 Type III 7.62mm 150 gr lead FMJ 2750 ft/sec 1 3/16″

• Standard sizes: 4’x8′, 4’x9′
• Other (non-standard) sizes available on request

• Readily adheres to Nevamar® or other plastic laminates via use of contact adhesive
• Can be decorated with a wide variety of veneers, drywall, wallpaper, other wall coverings, etc.

Installation Tips
• Cut with ordinary circular, table or panel saws
• Use of carbide-edged saw blades is recommended
• Butt-joints require a 4″ batten strip backing, allowing 2″ overlap on both sides of joint
• Can be fastened in diverse configurations using appropriate adhesives screws, etc.

Architectural Specification
Construction: Ballistic-resistant laminates are available in two basic constructions: transparent (e.g., acrylic & polycarbonate) and opaque (ballistic-resistant fiberglass).

Thickness: Ballistic-resistant laminates are manufactured in a variety of thicknesses, depending on the weapon threat the designer is requiring. As a general rule, thicker laminates provide greater ballistic threat protection. However, all ballistic-resistant materials do not perform equally. As a result, ballistic-resistant laminate should never be specified by thickness, only by performance level.

Ballistic Protection Level: The industry utilizes two major testing protocols upon which ballistic-resistant laminates are designed:
• Underwriters Laboratories Inc. UL-752
• National Institute of Justice NIJ-STD-0108.01

Underwrites Laboratories is the benchmark testing agency for the industry due to its periodic product testing program to confirm performance to designated threat levels. If the product is not UL-Listed, it was not tested by Underwriters Laboratories. All specifications should specifically identify the UL-752 or NIJ-STD-0108.01 protection level.

Fire & Smoke Protection: There are basically five recognized National Model Fire Codes. These codes outline the industry regulations for interior finish building materials and can be used to identify the level of protection for ballistic-resistant materials.

National Model Fire Codes
Designation Name Last Published Organization
NBC National Building Code 1990 Bldg. Official & Code Administrations Int’l
UBC (ICBO) National Building Code 1988 Int’l Conference of Building Officials
SBC (SBCC) Standard Building Code 1988 Southern Building Code Congress Int’l
CABO CABO 1&2 Family Dwelling Code 1990 Council of American Building Officials
NFPA Life Safety Code 1988 National Fire Protection Association
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