PVC Double Ribbed Strip

PVC Double Ribbed Strip – This material meets or exceeds the specifications of Federal Test Methods ST.101C and 4046. The electrical charge decay rate is 0.50 sec. with a charge potential of 5,000 volts. Please note any liabilities regarding product applications is the sole responsibility of the end-user of that product.

FCA: Transparent Clear
• Compliant with California Fire Marshal
• -20°F to 150°F
• UV stabilized
• Anti-static additive


Width in Inches Model Thickness Roll length Shipping Weight
6 FCA .060″ 400′ 82 Lbs
8 FCA .080″ 300′ 105 Lbs
12 FCA .120″ 200′ 156 Lbs
36 FCA .080″ 60′ 101 Lbs
48 FCA .040″ 150′ 177 Lbs
48 FCA .080″ 120′ 264 Lbs
48 FCA .120″ 60′ 194 Lbs

Desrcription Codes

RCS Ribbed clear standard
Transparent Clear Color

  • Compliant with California Fire Marshal
  • -20°F to 150°F
  • UV Stabilized
RCU Ribbed clear low temp same as Standard PVC except…
-40°F to 140°F

  • USDA Approved Compound
ROS Ribbed safety orange same as standard PVC except…
RIC Ribbed insect control same as standard PVC except…
RLS Ribbed low static same as standard PVC except…
Transparent light green

  • Low-static additives
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