Acrylic-modified FRP sheets exhibit near-clear translucency, weatherable beauty, and shatterproof toughness. The Crystal II glazing panels, “Diamond Design” metal embedments, and graphic embedment signage are acrylic-modified FRP.

Fiberglass-reinforced sheets made with pure acrylic resin exhibit more diffusion than acrylic-modified FRP. In unpigmented varieties, the fiberglass reinforcement appears as a web of silken threads, softly diffusing transmitted light. Tinted and pigmented colors (translucent or opaque) are also offered.

Reinforced Acrylic Varieties

LUMAsite® sheets and diffusers combine the beauty of acrylic with the strength of fiberglass. Random glass fibers and acrylic are cast together, yielding a sheet material with an incomparable combination of desirable properties including toughness, rigidity, weatherability, and low thermal expansion. In some varieties, the random glass fibers contribute remarkable beauty. In other varieties, the glass fibers are invisible. Whites and most standard colors look like ordinary acrylic. The shatterproof toughness of LUMAsite® sheets and diffusers is not apparent, but it’s there when needed.

FROST-SOS is a light-diffusing panel with an exotic “silken cobweb” effect. As a lighting diffuser or as a light- transmitting architectural panel, Frost-SOS combines striking aesthetics and soft diffusion of light. This effect is also available in delicate tints (Sky-SOS, Jade-SOS).

PARCHMENT-SOS is a light-diffusing panel with a subtle “Shoji” effect. As a lighting diffuser or translucent architectural panel, Parchment-SOS combines a clean white appearance and high light transmission.

RICE-SOS is a light-diffusing panel with a subtle “Shoji” effect. Often used in oriental decor, fixtures, and interior treatments, Rice-SOS panels combine an off-white rice paper appearance and medium-high light transmission. Like all LUMAsite® sheet varieties, Rice-SOS panels exhibit excellent durability, and are easily cleaned with detergent and water.

WHITE VARIETIES -LUMAsite® sheets are available in four standard white varieties.

WHITE 1000-505 is an opalescent, translucent white. Used as a lighting or glazing panel, White 1000-808 casts diffused, glare-free light. White 1000-808 is also used as a sign background where maximum light-trans- mission is desired.

WHITE 1020 is a translucent sign white commonly used as a background for signs illuminated with high-output fluorescent lamps. White 1020 illuminates evenly, minimizing “hot spots”.

Figure 1 is a table of available colors.
Other meshes, fabrics, and graphic substrates also can be cast into near-clear FRP.

White 1020


Yellow 02037

Coco Reed

Jade – SOS


White 1000-SOS

Crystal II-POS


Ivory 02146

Sky – SOS

Crystal II

Structural Sheets and Diffusers

WHITE 2020 offers similar diffusion in thinner gauge (.045″ and .060″) for smaller signs, displays, and illuminated advertising panels.

WHITE 1040 is a bright white opaque panel suitable for sign and architectural applications. White 1040 panels are available smooth both sides or pebbled on one side (refer to White 1040-POS).

STANDARD COLORS –LUMAsite® panels are available in eleven standard colors, including translucent and opaque varieties. Custom colors are also available.

FLAMMABILITY -LUMAsite® sheets are combustible. Fire precautions similar to those appropriate for wood based sheet products should be observed.

LUMAsite® general purpose reinforced acrylic sheets incorporate fiberglass reinforcement and acrylic polymer. The general purpose material in 1/B-inch thickness classifies as a CC 2 material, which means that it exhibits a burning rate of less than 21/2-inches per minute when tested by the ASTM 0-635 method. Some varieties of LUMAsite® sheets can be supplied in fire-retardant versions. The Frost-SOS and White 1000- SOS varieties are available in a type FR version that classifies as a CC 1 material, which means that it self- extinguishes when tested by the ASTM 0-635 method. Other fire retardant versions can be supplied on a custom basis, including type FRM which falls into a Class C category (NFPA 255).

for lighting/architectural varieties:

Thickness 0.045 0.060 0.090 0.125 0.150 0.180 0.250
FROST-SOS Parchment-SOS 82 80 71 76 70 72 68 69 64 59
Rice-SOS White 1000-SOS 71 72 70 65 62 61 58 55 49 42
Sky-SOS Jade-SOS 52 62 46 55 41 48


for sign background, lightbox, and EXIT varieties:

Thickness 0.040 0.060 0.100 0.125 0.150
White 1020 White 2020 Ivory 02146 Yellow 02037 Red 315   42 46 39 50 40 12 35   42 32 8 30   39 26 7 24
EXIT Red Exit Green 19 26 18


Color Description
– – Thickness range for typical application – –
Glazing Lighting Partitions,
Crystal II
Crystal II-SOS Crystal
Near-Clear Lightly
.060-.125 .060-.125
.060-.125 .060-.125
.060-.125 .060-.125
DD3448 “Diamond Design” metal embedment,
(large diamond opening)
.125 .125
Coco Reed
Kane Rattan
Medium-brown cane-like embedment
Natural cane-like embedment Deep
two-tone cane-like embedment
.125 .125
Parchment-SOS* Rice-SOS*
“Silken cobweb” effect,
high trans.
Gentle “Shoji” effect,
high trans. white
Gently “Shoji”
effect, med-high trans off-white
.060-.250   .060-.125
.045-.125   .045-.125
.060-.250   .060-.125
Jade SOS*
Pale blue “Shoji” effect
Pale green “Shoji” effect
White 1000-SOS*
White 1020 White
High diffusion, opalescent
Sign white, translucent Display
white, translucent
.045-.150 .060-.250
White 1040
White 1040-POS+
Porcelain white, opaque
Opaque white, pebbled
Ivory 02146-SOS*
Yellow 02037
Creamy white, translucent
Bright yellow, translucent
Orange 02119
Red 315 Blue
Bright orange, translucent
Fire-engine red, translucent Medium
blue, translucent
.060-.150 .060-.150
Blue 2114
Green 02030 Black
Dark blue, translucent
Medium green, translucent Black,
.060-.150 .060-.150
Brown 240-SOS*
Brown 239-SOS*
Chocolate brown, opaque
Dark brown, opaque
EXIT Green
Hi-Lite red, efficient
Light emerald, efficient
* SOS     indicates
matte finish one side
indicates lightly pebbled texture one side

Sheet Sizes
All standard colors, except “Diamond Design” varieties, are manufactured in the following sheet sizes (minimum order quantities may apply): • 48″ x 72″ • 48″ x 96″ • 48″ x 120″ • 36″ x 96″ • 36″ x 120″ The Following sheet sizes are available in White 1020, Yellow 02037, and Ivory 02146 only: • 60″ x 96″ • 60″ x 120″ • 60″ x 144″ • 48″ x 144″

Physical Properties

Flexural Strength 22,000 psi
Flexural Modulus 1,000,000 psi
Tensile Strength 14,000 psi
Compressive Strength 25,000 psi
Impact Str. Izod, notched 6 ft.-lbs/in.
Coeff. of Expansion 0.00002 in./in.°F

EXIT Diffusers and Face Panels
EXIT Red, also referred to as “Hi-Lite Red”, is a translucent red diffusing panel intended for EXIT fixtures with stencil face-plates.  EXIT green, also referred to as “Lite Emerald”, is a translucent green panel for stencil fixtures. These panels have very high light transmission, and at the same time, sufficient diffusion to mask the light source and minimize “hot spots”.Translucent face panels complete with EXIT graphics (including choice of arrow configurations) are manufactured in 6-inch and 8-inch letter height. The face panels are manufactured by the embedment process also described in this literature. Near-clear Crystal II sheets are acrylic-modified FRP panels that exhibit shatterproof toughness and outdoor durability.

Crystal II panels are used in glazing applications requiring high light transmission and superior impact strength.  Panels are available with micro grain gloss, matte, and pebbled surfaces.  The standard micro grain gloss is a medium-reflectivity smooth glossy surface that contributes less diffusion than the matte or pebbled surfaces.   Crystal II panels are also used as translucent backgrounds for illuminated signs.  Crystal II panels can be decorated on the first or second surface, using vinyl film, paint, or screen-printing methods.

Flexural Strength 20,000 psi
Flexural Modulus 1,200,000 psi
Tensile Strength 15,000 psi
Compressive Strength 22,000 psi
Impact Str.,Izod, Notched* 10 ft- lbs/in.
Burning Rate* (ASTM D635) 0.79 in./min.

*Impact strength and burning-rate are for 0.100″ thickness.

Standard Thicknesses for Crystal II Panels 

Weight (per square foot)
.060 7.5 ounces
.090 11.5 ounces
.125 15.0 ounces
.150 18.0 ounces

Near Clear and Embedment Panels

Diamond Design panels are manufactured by casting flattened expanded aluminum into near-clear acrylic modified FRP, resulting in panels with maximum toughness,
rigidity, and resistance to penetration. The diamond-shaped openings in the embedded metal form an attractive, open pattern that allows generous passage of light. DD3448 incorporates metal with a large diamond pattern (opening size is approximately 3/16″ x 3/8″). Diamond Design panels are an excellent choice for security glazing and sidelight panels in frequently vandalized locations, school and gymnasium glazing, and in partition applications where the attractive diamond pattern is desired.

Designation Appearance Surface Finish
Crystal II Crystal II-SOS Crystal II-POS Near-clear Lightly frosted Diffused Gloss Both Sides Matte One Side Lightly Pebbled
One Side
DD1645   DD3448 Metal embedment, small opening Metal embedment, large
Gloss Both Sides   Gloss Both Sides
DD3448B Metal embedment, large opening, blue tint Gloss Both Sides

Graphic Embedments are manufactured by casting an image-bearing  paper-like substrate into acrylic modified FRP.  (The image is usually screen-printed onto the substrate before it is cast into an FRP panel.)  Once cast into fiberglass, the resulting graphic panel exhibits excellent toughness, durability, and vandal-resistance.  Common applications include industrial and safety signage, transit and directional signs, and interpretive panels for parks, zoos, and museums.

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