Kydex® L Laminating Grade Fire Rated Sheet

Kydex® L Laminating Grade Fire Rated Sheet – Kydex L thermoplastic sheet is a very durable, damage resistant surfacing material that has been successfully used in many laminating applications including store fixtures; exhibits; doors; and partitions. Unlike most high pressure laminates, color is integral throughout the sheet. It has excellent durability for easier handling. It is Class I/A rated 0.040″ (1.02mm) and thinner) and is listed by Underwriter’s Laboratories as UL Std 94 V-0. Notched Izod impact resistance is 15 ft-lbs/in (801 J/m).

• Store fixtures and displays
• Exhibits
• Service Counters
• Doors
• Partitions

Manufacturers and specifiers have selected Kydex sheet for surfacing and laminating applications because of its unique characteristics when compared to traditional laminating materials:

• toughness and durability
• solid, integral color
• chemical resistance
• fire retardancy
• excellent fabrication qualities
• resistance to cracking and chipping
• very low moisture absorption
• thermoformability
• flexibility to allow small radius bends
• thicknesses up to 0.320″ (8.128mm)
• availability in rollstock 60x.0409″ (1.52m x 1.02mm)
Note: Kydex L is a thermoplastic sheet that will expand and contract with temperature fluctuations.

Kydex L can be thermoformed to produce 3-dimensional parts with excellent detail. It is easy to work and can be drilled, punched, brake formed, or routed using standard metal and/or woodworking equipment. Kydex L is not recommended for use on horizontal surfaces where hot items may be placed such as kitchen countertops and is not recommended for field application to walls as a wallcovering material.

Specific Gravity ASTM D-792 1.35
Water Absorption, % ASTM D-570 0.07
Tensile Strength, psi (MPa) ASTM D-638 6,100 (42)
Elongation at Break, % 110
Flexural Strength, psi (Mpa) ASTM D-790 9,600 (66)
Modulus of Elasticity, psi (MPa) 360,000 (2482)
Rockwell Hardness, R ASTM D-785 98
Notched Izod Impact Resistance, 73°F (23°C),ft-lbs/in (J/m) ASTM D-256 15 (801)
Heat Deflection Temperature, HDT, @264psi (1.8 Mpa), annealed,°F (°C) ASTM D-648 172° (75.5°)
Coeff. of Thermal Expansion, in/in °F (mm/mm°C) ASTM D-696 .0000383 (.000069)
Flammability Resist. UL Standard 94
(.028-.040 gauage only)
Flammability Resist. : Surface Burning Characteristics .040 (1.0mm) ASTM E-84
Flame Spread Smoke Devel.
Forming Temperature, °F (°C) 325° – 390° (163-200°)
1All values based on 0.125″ (3.12mm) sheet unless otherwise specified.
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