Micartaflex Counterplate Laminate

Micartaflex Counterplate Laminate – Micartaflex™ is the new, flexible, composite counterplate laminate that’s fast becoming the die cutting industry’s new benchmark for quality and long-life performance.

The manufacturing process has been perfected to advance the bond strength and durability of flexible composite counterplate laminates. Micartaflex enables you to achieve the close-tolerance, quality impressions needed for today’s state-of-the-art high-speed presses. Its construction guards against delamination and breakage, as well as providing unsurpassed stability when compared to competing materials. The bottom line: extended counterplate life and long-term cost savings for your operation.

Features & Benefits
• Superior film adhesion
• Wear-resistant durability
• Extended hit life
• Excellent dimensional stability
• Improved rupture resistance
• Lighter-weight material (lighter than steel)
• Accurate machinability
• Flexible material
• Less equipment downtime at changeover
• Ideal for short-, medium-, and multiple-run jobs
• Easily removed from counter base
• Reusable
• Various sizes & thicknesses available


Property Value

Temperature Index



.056 lbs/in³

Water Absorption


Flexural Strength, with grain (.024″ thick)

85,000 psi

Tensile Strength, with grain (.024″ thick)

34,000 psi

Standard Size: 48″x80″ (122 cm x 203cm)
Thickness: 0.015″ to 0.048″

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