Suicide Prevention Patient’s Sink Faucet

  • Metered Faucet (push buttons & spout) is encased in a high-impact solid surface material.  Comes in either 4” or 8” spread and fitted to your backsplash or wall. Comes in a multiple colors.
  • Designed so that nothing can be tied to the fixture thus-eliminating existing hanging points (i.e. handles & spout). The Solid-Surface material is permanent and cannot be removed by the patient.
  • Norva Plastics’ self-closing, push-button, metered faucets will save you water, money and exceed your energy saving goals.
  • They are a LEED qualified product that will help you save the environment.  We also have anti-microbial aerators available.
  • Made of high impact solid surface material and  customized to fit your existing sinks.
  • Water saving fixture will pay for itself in four years or less.

  • Fact: Our faucets save twice as much water as electronic faucets.  They are designed to prevent the growth of Legionella Bacteria.  Also they do not require the constant maintenance or calibration as an electronic faucet
  • Our faucets can be equipped with an additional water saving aerators or laminar flow device that can further reduce bathroom faucet water use from 2.2 GPM to .5 GPM.
  • Maintenance or water duration usage can be adjusted easily by technician without removing the fixture from the sink.
  • Esthetically pleasing to any administrator or Human Rights Committee.
  • Significantly less than Motion Activated Faucets


Prior to shipping your order of suicide prevention faucets, we need the following information to ensure they properly fit your existing patient sinks. Please use the sheet on the left as a reference when filling out the order form.


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