Kydex® 115 High Rigidity Sheet for Ceiling Panels

Kydex 115 high rigidity fire rated sheet is a non-porous, tough, chemical resistant, class I/A rated sheet designed for applications like ceiling panels that require a high rigidity for sag-resistance. The material is monolithic, contains no fibers, and will not crack, chip, flake, or deteriorate over time. Available in full sheets and in custom sizes to be used in ceiling grid systems, Kydex 115 is approved for use in Class 10 rated cleanrooms, as tested according to Fed-Std. 209D.

• Ceiling Panels in clean rooms; computer rooms; laboratories; food, dairy, and pharmaceutical plants; and other environments where a high degree of cleanliness is required
• Decorative panels
• Sound diffusers

FIRE RETARDANCY – Kydex 115 meets the criteria for flame spread and smoke development that determines Class I/A compliance using ASTM E-84 methodology.
DURABILITY – Kydex 115 is ideal for applications such as ceiling panels where the product must be routinely removed and/or cleaned for maintenance. It provides superior impact protection and will not chip, crack, or flake. Color is integral throughout each sheet.
CLEANABILITY – Kydex 115 has excellent chemical resistance allowing for the removal of tougher stains with stronger cleaning agents without damaging the surface of the sheet.
USDA APPROVED – In white and beige, Kydex 115 is approved for incidental food contact for use in USDA inspected meat and poultry plants. Kydex 115 sheet can be thermoformed and fabricated for use in both 2-dimensional and 3-dimensional parts. It can be routed, drilled, and cut using standard wood and/or metal working equipment.

Excellent forming properties result in uniform wall thicknesses and crisp detail, plus easy machining and fabricating using conventional methods, further expanding finished part possibilities.

Specific Gravity ASTM D-792 1.47
Tensile Strength, psi (MPa) ASTM D-638 5,750 (39.6)
Water Absorption 24hrs at 73F,%
7 days at 73F,%
Flexural Strength, psi (MPa) ASTM D-790 10,200 (70.3)
Modulus / Elasticity, psi (MPa) 347,000 (2392)
Rockwell Hardness, R ASTM D-785 107
Notched Izod Impact Resistance, 73°F (23°C),ft-lbs/in (J/m) ASTM D-256 3-5 (160-267)
Heat Deflection Temperature, HDT, @264psi (1.8MPa), annealed,°F (°C) ASTM D-648 178° (81°)
Flamm. Properties2: Flame Spread ASTM E-84 25
Flamm. Properties2: Smoke Developed (Free Standing) 440 (Class I/A)
Clean Room Class Fed Std 209D Class 10
1All values based on 0.125″ (3.12mm) sheet unless otherwise specified.
2All gauges from 0.028″ (.71mm) and greater. Not intended for specification purposes.
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